Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Principles and methods of interpretation MOGHTABAS ALANVAR MEN ALAEMMATE ALATHAR an unknown inter heritage, based on the Sepahsalar School Library Edition            0000-00-00
2    “Allameh Majlesi ‘s method in description and critique of Traditions in Maladh-al-akhyar”.    M.Sc.    ,    2009-01-03
3    Evaluate the condition and answer deletion crossed the Quran and its effect on translation Quranic    M.Sc.    naseryankalaty, taherh    2009-04-18
4    Consideration of Interpretative Bases and Ideas of Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi    M.Sc.    firouzian, shobeir    2009-06-22
5    A Study of Jabal 'Āmil School of ḥadīth (from the eighth to the first half of eleventh century of Higrah)    Ph.D    rezadad, aliye    2010-03-03
6    A study on the tradition origin of Allameh Tabatabaei’s commentary views    M.Sc.    zafar hoseini, mehdy    2010-12-18
7    Salman Farsi and his role in Hadith    M.Sc.    ,    2011-01-24
8    the comprative contemplation of the quranic essentials and views of ĀʼIsha bint-al- shati and Ibn- Ashoor    M.Sc.    Aftabi, Ehsan    2011-03-13
9    A study of the meaning of \"Word\" in Islam comparing with Christianity    M.Sc.    abrishami, samaneh    2011-04-23
10    Suffering and Happiness in Islam and Buddhism    Ph.D    moosavi, sayed mohamad hosain    2011-06-07
11    the Role of the household Of the Prophet in Theological Interpretation of Quranic Verses their Contemporary Trends    Ph.D    MOHAMADJAFARI, RASUL    2011-07-23
12    Theological origins of Imamate in the stories of the holy quran    Ph.D    Deymekar Garab, Mohsen    2013-01-22
13    The Interpretation technique of Irshād Al-hayrān ilā Towjihāt Al_qurān    M.Sc.    kadkhoda, raziyeh    2013-03-09
14    Review and critique on how suras coordinate in Maraghi interpretation    M.Sc.    taherian ghadi, masomeh    2013-04-20
15    Recognition of the Quran Exegesis in Iran at Safavi Era    Ph.D    shateri ahmad abadi, mohammad hassan    2014-02-22
16    The Divine Mercy and Its Relationship with the Aqcuisition of Spiritual Achievements of Humankind in Quran s perspective    Ph.D    PEIRAVI, DORALNAJAF    2014-03-12
17    The consequences of using and prevention ways of unlawful property and doubtful in view of verses and traditions    Ph.D    BAGHERI, MIKAEEL    2014-03-15
18    the historical current of of commentary by rational method of shiite in the early period ( from forth century to sixth century)    Ph.D    ghorbanpur, hamid    2014-04-12
19    a comparativ study of the reasons of some shiittes opposing Imam Mahdi after his appearance and some Jews opposing prophet Muhammad    M.Sc.    mahdavi shahri, maliheh sadat    2014-05-10
20    attachable narratives to subjective commentary of ayat-allah javadi amoli and their analysis about faith; polythesism- thanksgiving and patience    M.Sc.    ghaffarian, mahdieh    2014-06-25
21    Conceptual changes of the Koran names (koran & ketab) and it's reasons in the history of islamic culture based on history of ideas method    Ph.D    bayganian, melika    2014-06-30
22    study of positive thought in islamic texts and comparting it with positive-oriented psychology    Ph.D    sharafoddin, zahra    2014-10-25
23    A Research of Neo mu’tazilan interpretative ideas ta'wil case study.    Ph.D    zarnousheh farahani, hasan    2015-01-28
24    Structural of geometry of Interpretation Methodology of Quran, Relying on the classification of types of interpretation    Ph.D    Jahangiry, Vali    2015-09-13
25    Investigating and Criticizing the Saudi Wahhabis' Qur'an Exegetical Interpretations(With an emphasis on interpretation of ibn al Uthaymeen)    Ph.D    elmi hoseini, sayed mahdi    2015-11-01
26    Strategies of Using Quaranic Teachings in Reinforcing the Social Assets ( In Two fields of the commanding the Good and the Forbidding the Bad deeds and the Alliance and Dissociation)    Ph.D    joveinypour, sima    2015-12-21
27    The semantic net of the word Light(Noor) according to the Quran and narratives    Ph.D    abrishami, samaneh    2016-01-03
28    The management of suffering and its effectiveness on the meaningfulness of Imam Hossein's life invocations and manner compared to western “psychilogists”    M.Sc.    aliakbarkhani, hossein    2016-04-18
29    The History of Musical Chanting Of The Holy Quran The reason and the modality    Ph.D    kordlouie, melika    2016-04-18
30    Reviewing on suggested readings from the doctrine of Self-knowledge in Quran and Hadith and comparing it with analogous concepts in emerging spiritualities    Ph.D    Doaei, Seyed Mohammad Hossein    2016-06-06
31    Textual and documentary investigation of the traditions of two chapters of kafi book (Chapter of sins and Ann al-Iman la Yazorro ma'aho Sayyi ' ah)    Ph.D    Pakzad, Abdoll Ali    2016-06-12
32    Effects of tolerance in practical and theoretical way of Imam Sajjad, Imam Baqir and Imam Reza PBUH    M.Sc.    sajjadi far, hashem    2016-10-24
33    Identifying and classification goals and methods of Quran's moral education and criticism of existing approaches    Ph.D    hosaini mohhamad abad, Seyed Ali Asghar    2017-01-02
34    A study of the document and content of the traditions which begin with I have not pondered in som thing but....    M.Sc.    KAMALITAGHIPOR, BATOUL    2017-05-08
35    The reflection of Quranic teachings in Imam Ali`s speech about piety and The pious in Nahjolbalagheh    M.Sc.    barati, hossein    2017-05-15
36    Comparative study on the Obligation to Interpretative rules and applying it in Masalek al-Afham, Zobdat al-Bayan and Kanz al-'Irfan (Relying on books ritual cleanness (ṭahāra) and prayers (ṣalāt))    Ph.D    vahidian, hamid    2017-11-05